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Sea-Doo Sport Boats  Boats  2005
Challenger 180 4-TEC SC, 2005
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01- Cooling System 09- Decals, Copper
01- Crankshaft, Pistons And Balance Shaft 09- Front Console And Glove Box
01- Cylinder Head 09- Hull
01- Engine And Air Intake 09- Lower Hull
01- Engine Block 09- Lower Hull And Ladder
01- Exhaust System 09- Seat, Blue
02- Air Intake Manifold 09- Seat, Copper
02- Fuel System 09- Seat, Front View, Blue
02- Oil Separator 09- Seat, Front View, Copper
02- Supercharger 09- Seat, Rear View, Blue
03- PTO Cover And Magneto 09- Seat, Rear View, Copper
05- Control Handle 09- Storage Compartment
05- Propulsion 09- Tower And Bimini Top
05- Pump 09- Windshield
05- Reverse 10- Electrical Accessories 1
07- Steering System 10- Electrical Accessories 2
09- Body And Accessories 10- Electrical Harness 2
09- Central Cover And Accessories 10- Electrical System
09- Decals, Blue 10- Engine Harness Rotax
10- Weedless System
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